Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Maternity Shoot

Max is due pretty much any day. I've been trying to get stuff done, write a birth plan, pack my bag, get clothes washed, house organized, etc. One thing I haven't done yet, is take maternity photos. With Adeline, it was a last minute thing as well. I didn't get any good ones of John Lee and I together, but a very good friend took some of just me. This time, I, um, waited until the last minute again. I've been wanting my sister to take some pictures, but since she's in Jamaica and not coming home until two days before my official due date, there is no guarantee that she will be able to do it. So the other day I asked my mom to take some, just in case Katy can't.

I didn't really want that many, and I think I got a few good ones. Now I feel like Max can make an appearance, and if Katy doesn't get some others of us, we have a newborn photo-shoot planned.


  1. I think Max is going to be a most petite little baby! Great, great pictures!

  2. Awww....good pictures! Love the one of Adeline holding the chalkboard. Cute!